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Lubavitch Remsen Village

Minyanim & Services

“אֱלֹהִים, נִצָּב בַּעֲדַת-אֵל”

Our Story

Welcome to Lubavitch of Remsen Village Bais Avrohom Yitzchok, a community shul where each member is appreciated and everyone is made to feel at home.

From its humble beginnings, our shul has been steadily growing to accommodate the needs of the expanding community. When our doors first opened, we could barely scrape together a minyan for Shabbos. Today, we proudly offer daily minyanim for Shacharis and Maariv, as well as full Shabbos services. 

From weekly shiurim on various topics in nigleh and chassidus, to regular farbrengens and special programs, we’re constantly working to create an active and vibrant home for the community.

Congregation Bais Avrohom Yitzchok is located at:
305 Remsen Ave (Corner of Remsen and Clarkson)
Brooklyn, NY 11212


Bais Avraham Yitzchak

— Minyanim Times

Weekday Schedule

Monday – Friday: 7:00 am
Sunday: 8:00 am
Rosh Chodesh: 6:45 am
Sunday: Candle Lighting Time
Monday – Thursday: 8:15 pm
Friday: Candle Lighting Time
Sunday – Thursday: 9:00 pm

Reading from Torah Remsen Village

Beis Avraham Yitzchak

— Minyanim Times

Shabbos Schedule

Friday Night
Mincha: Candle Lighting Time
Followed by Kabolas Shabbos, and Maariv

Shabbos Morning
Chassidus Shiur: 8:45 am
Shacharis: 10:00 am
(Shabbos Mevorchim Tehillim: 8:30 am and Shacharis 10:30 am)
Followed by Mussaf and Farbrengen

Shabbos Afternoon
Mincha: Candle Lighting Time
Followed by Seder Niggunim, Maamar, and Maariv

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