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Mens Programs

“One single chassid…who devotes his heart, mind and soul… to bolstering Torah, effects wonders… in all that city’s affairs”

– Hayom Yom

Daily Classes

Daily Classes

— Men's Shuirim Schedule

Daily Shiurim

Halacha Class 
Daily shiur on Shulchon Aruch with Rabbi Zirkind
Sunday – Friday following Shacharis

Gemara Class 
Daily Gemara Shiur with Rabbi Zirkind
Sunday – Thursday following Maariv

Maamar Class 
Daily Shiur on Maamarim with Rabbi Zirkind
Sunday – Thursday following Maariv

Weekly Shiurim


Breakfast Shiur

Various Topics by Guest Speakers

Sunday Morning with Breakfast
(following Shacharis)


Chassidus Class

with Rabbi Sputz

Tuesday evenings: 9:15 pm
(following Maariv)


Inyonei Ge'ula U'Moshiach

Collaborative Class

Wednesday evenings: 9:15 pm
(following Maariv)


Sicha and Sushi

with Rabbi Kagen

Thursday evenings: 9:15 pm 
(following Maariv) 


Share. Learn. Inspire.

Whether it’s a Chassidishe Yom Tov, special day on the calendar, or an ordinary Shabbos, a communal farbrengen is hosted where members can come together to share, inspire, and learn.

For Yomim Tovim and Yomei D’Pagrah each farbrengen features a guest speaker and special refreshments. Farbrengens can be sponsored in honor of birthdays, yartzeits, or just because!

Seasonal Lectures

Throughout the year, Lubavitch of Remsen Village presents periodic lectures on various relevant topics given by professionals and experts in their given fields.