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Our growing community needs a permanent home

Child at Event in Remsen Village
Father Son Learning
Our Vision

Lubavitch of Remsen Village

Welcome to Lubavitch of Remsen Village, a warm and close-knit Anash community, where every individual is a valued member and everyone feels at home.

Bais Avrohom Yitzchok

Learn more about Lubavitch of Remsen Village’s community shul, Bais Avrohom Yitzchok. Daily minyanim, full Shabbos services, community kiddush, and more.

Shul Remsen Village Davening

Men's Programs

Learn more about our robust programs including farbrengens, weekly shiurim, and more.

Women's Programs

Discover N'Shei Village of Remsen Village. See upcoming events and become a member.

Children's Programs

Take a look at Lubavitch of Remsen Village's lineup of programs and events for kids.

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Our Future Home

As we look toward the future, we envision a spacious new center for our growing community. Learn more about the plans for the new home of Lubavitch of Remsen Village.

Community Services

As a growing community, Lubavitch of Remsen Village is proud to offer a wide variety of services and programs for our members.

Joining Lubavitch of Remsen Village gives members a voting rights, a voice at community meetings, shul seats, and more.

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Sponsor a weekly Shabbos kiddush in honor of your simcha or a special day on the calendar.

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Discover the many wonderful programs for families of Lubavitch of Remsen Village.

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